Duration : 40 min


Choreographer/Director : Bouziane Bouteldja

Dancers : Bouziane Bouteldja, Juan Luis Brestat, Stéphane Mbella, Moran.​





In 2010, Dans6T launched the project Love your balance” to promote physical activity and healthy eating habits among youths aged from 10 to 18.

The objectives of the project are as follow:


  • To raise public awareness of the twin dangers of obesity and malnutrition


  • To curb inactivity among youngsters by helping them take up physical activity and encouraging them to continue taking regular exercise

  • To enable young teenagers to build their self-confidence regardless of their size


  • To show that physical activity need not be a pain, and that very often a little effort can provide plenty of rewards. Simply finding a leisure activity you enjoy or changing your daily routine to include basic healthy habits can set you on your way.


Our action plan is both fun and educational and is divided into three stages:


  • A thirty-minute action-packed performance


  • Practical introductory workshop(s)


  • A forty-five-minute interactive exchange with the youths


In France, we’ve rolled out the project across dozens of regions, including Paris. Our methods are adapted to different environments (schools, leisure centres, youth clubs and summer camps).


We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive feedback to our project, receiving endorsements from both participants as well as a number of institutions. Love your balance was awarded the title Project for the Future by the French Ministry of Education and Sport, and received the Grand Lauréat National in the field of sport by the French Agency for Education.