Dans6T was set up in 2001 with a mission to democratise the practice and the spreading of urban dance. Our dance school in the city of Tarbes (south west of France) has enabled us to put our ideas into practice, fostering social diversity and a culture of inclusivity, most notably through a progressive pricing policy, so that people from all social backgrounds can access a whole range of dance classes. Beyond our dance school our outreach work in the disadvantaged parts of our local towns as well as in schools and colleges has led us to challenge all types of discriminations and to improve people’s access to culture and sport.


We offer our students nine different dance styles including Hip-Hop, Salsa, Ragga, Modern, African and Oriental. Every week, 15 experienced instructors provide 47 hours of classes in our local city. We also provide dance classes in several other cities in the Midi-Pyrénées region including Toulouse. Moreover, we offer dance intensive courses across the region during the holiday periods.


In 2004 we became a professional dance troop, by setting up the company Dans6T and we have performed since then several shows while over the years our professional dancers and choreographers have won several competitions and prices. 

The company has a mix of full-time staff as well as volunteers.

Bouziane Bouteldja - Art director et Chorégrapher of the Cie Dans6T

Photos © Gilles Vidal


Bouziane Bouteldja is a politically engaged artist. Dancer, choreographer, he has run the dance company DAN6T since 2007.


The company is dedicated to the spreading across neighbourhoods. 


In parallel with this, Bouziane has undertaken work as a writer tackling topical issues. Over the last few years, his research has become more focused and he’s attempting to bring to the stage, through the cypher of body, his commitment and convictions.


Bouziane Bouteldja discovered hip-hop in 1999 through practicing break dance. He was trained by choreographers Kader Attou, Karim Amghar and Olé Khamchanla. These encounters soon led him to his interest in the stage and to open himself up to the world of contemporary dance.


Due to his open-mindedness and his natural curiosity, encounters and collaborations with artists from diverse horizons have multiplied: he shared the stage with actors Christian Mazzuchini and Claude Lefort, he performed with New York tap dancer Tamango accompanied by Daniel Moreno and Marc Velle…


In 2012, he co-choreographed with Coraline Lamaison, with whom he still collaborates, the play Otherness with which he won the Jury prize at Reconnaissance, a contemporary dance competition. This piece questions difference.


In 2015, the play Reversible is the continuation of his reflection on identity. 


In 2016, Fourberies (Deceptions), a Franco-Moroccan project, explores how street talk is reflected by the body, and how the body by integrating a certain familiarity invents new spaces.